Saturday, 26 February 2011


Literally speechless after the show, I glance over at Diana Vickers to gage her reaction- With the scuttle of fashionistas gathering their new goodie bags (which I've come to notice the predictability,all containing a handful of sample soaps and toffees..NOTE TO ALL: the posher the goodies, the harder it is to tell them apart- I mistook a toffee for a bathbomb during the FashionMode show...Hows that for a fashion week diet!?)
Anyways, mouth fizz set aside, all I can do is lip read miss Vickers..."OH MY GOD AMAZING!"
Kind of says it all really. Whether you're a fan of the Knickers Vickers or not (and I will politely say I am not), I can't help but agree with her.
BY FAR my favourite collection of lfw, and quickly becoming my two favourite designers. So happy I got the chance to see the show itself...What I would do to get my hands on these designs!
And notice the Gil Carvalho shoes!? Did I mention how much I want???

Backstage Images: STYLE SLICKER

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