Wednesday, 8 December 2010


why is it that everytime the clock passes midnight my mind aimlessly scans through the world of fashion and art. Procrastination at its worst, and very much needed sleep is what i'm putting off. Anyways, my love for fashion comes alive at night. and i have no idea why
but i love it

My inspirations for today, and i end on goodnight X


  1. I'm totally the same way - and its so silly, because I complain about being tired, and yet I put off going to sleep to blog.... hmmm... Love these images. Especially the first one, and I'm not big on tattoos!

  2. haha that's crazy:) I still want to sleep at night:p
    great blog by the way! i'm happy i ran into it! I like your posts and your style. It's a great read! Im gonna follow you.
    Hope you visit and follow me back. that would be amazing:)

    have a fabulous day!